Gift Services


About: Personalized, modern, unique and often with a distinctly “edgy” type of gift wrapping personality. Styles range from simple to elaborate.

Pricing: Varies on size of gift, choice of paper(s) and elaborations. Starting costs for small (ring box or CD size), simply wrapped gifts begin at $3 (up to $20 for elaborate). Starting costs for medium (shoebox or, simply wrapped gifts begin at $6 (up to $30 for elaborate). Starting costs for large, simply wrapped gifts begin at $10 (up to $50 for elaborate). Gift-wrapping can also be on a consultation, per item, cost basis – it can be up to the customer how detailed and luxurious the gift-wrapping can become!

Where to Begin: Send me a message! No matter how small or large you gift(s) may be, they all deserve a gorgeous exterior! I will work with any budget, style preference and timing.

Discounts: Given to gifts wrapped in bulk (wedding favors, corporate gifts); repeat customers; collaborations on combined services!

Gift Consultations

About: How many times have you wondered: “What can I possibly give to this person for a gift?!?” It is a never-ending, sometimes stressful, occurrence that can happen multiple times a year (birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries). With my professional gift consultations, I take away the stress and time consuming task of trying to find the right gift! I take on the research, the browsing, the shopping and the budget in order to find the right gift. Just need a quick professional perspective on what to buy – I can assist with that as well (often people know, or have a strong idea, on what to give but just need that extra reassurance or to ascertain if it is appropriate)!

Pricing: Reassurance Consultation – $10, 20 Minutes. Single Gift Consultation – $15, 35 Minutes. Gift Consultation Package – $50, 2 Hours, 4 Gifts. **Consultations can be modified and expanded on per client(s) needs – please contact for specific pricing and terms.**

Where to Begin: Send me a quick message and I will return your inquiry within 24 hours!

Discounts: Given to repeat customers and when consultations are combined with gift-wrapping services!

Gift-Wrap Products

About: Love to wrap? Well, you have come to the right person! I have a wonderful array of papers, ribbons, tissues and tags! Along with the basics, I have some typical (and also not so expected!) elaborations to make your gifts fun, unique and stylish. My inventory is always expanding – so check back often to find cool and unusual wrapping ideas!

Pricing: Costs for products vary. Papers, ribbons and tissues can range from $1 – $10. Tags range from 25cents to $5. Elaborations vary from $1 and above. I can deliver purchases within the Central Coast (Morro Bay, San Luis Obispo, Pismo Beach, CA), which is variant on final purchase cost and delivery address (fuel surcharge may apply).

Where to Begin: Click the “Let’s Shop!!” tab up top — or — check out my Etsy shop for updated products: Customization is welcomed for elaborations, please message me if you have something particular in mind!

Discounts: Check in often for discount codes! Bulk purchases also may include a discounted percentage!


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