…one tequila, two tequila, three tequila…FLOOR…!

Day One of Gift Giving Ideas…

I don’t usually start off the day thinking of tequila (although there has been a time or two that I might have ended the day with tequila!!) – but when I leafed through the pages of Uncommon Goods offerings, these little beauties popped right off the page!


Himalayan Sea Salt Tequila Shooters…oh my! Aren’t they the most fetching shot glasses? And I love that they made me think of all the possibilities of usefulness:

Would they infuse a salt like taste into the tequila?

Could I use them as a bud vase?

Which tequila would be best suited for these type of glasses?

Not only are these a unique and affordable gift, they will spark great conversations at any holiday gathering (and I’m sure the absorption of tequila will help fuel the fire).

So, bottoms up!




…thank you miss betty…

It has been 12 years since I took a semester course during my senior year of high school in flower arranging.

I wish I could tell you I took the class because I had a burning desire to be a florist. I wish I could tell you the reason was a love of flowers. But I really wish I could tell you that I took the class because I had some insane foresight into my future endeavors that somehow, some way, it would be a helpful tool in my business enterprises.

off balance

In fact, it has been so long that the true reason has escaped my memory. More than likely, it was credits that I had to fill and I knew that arranging flowers would be a better way to float through my senior year than something, like, Statistics?!?! The class was held on the Clovis Adult Campus, and our dear teacher was Miss Betty. Five days a week, for two hours every day, she would attempt to instill a love of flora and fauna into her rowdy group of high school misfits. We were more obsessed with eyeliner than line-mass; how to fill our car with gas than how to make sure that an arrangement is filled with greenery; and our focal point was boys, boys, boys – not an orchid.

kale love

Miss Betty never wavered, bless her heart. And I am completely grateful that she didn’t. It was in that classroom that I discovered that I preferred the artistic minimalism of Japanese floral arranging. One graceful arc of three flowers with a smattering of greenery in a shiny black low vase. Also, I remember Miss Betty exclaiming that floral arrangements do not have to be one exact way – they are an artistic interpretation of one’s self. I liked that explanation; it made the art of arranging flowers seem less dowdy – not your grandmother’s vase of posies and babies breath.

gorgeous pink roses

When it comes to either gift wrapping, crafting or – now – flower arranging…I always take a modern and eclectic approach. Spikes on a gift – why not! Christmas stockings in hues of gray, orange and silver – but of course! And who says you can’t have a big head of kale as your focal point in a flower arrangement?


Thank you Miss Betty for sharing your wisdom and love of flowers. In a small, yet significant, way – you helped create the creative person I am today and for that I am eternally grateful!