Let’s Shop!!

Are you a crafter or love wrapping on your own?? I truly understand! Below are a variety of products that are available for purchase to make that gift or project completely fabulous!


Turquoise? Floral? Chevron? Or Flocked? Available are all types of paper – from every color and print imaginable! Sizes vary, but most are one sheet. I also carry an exclusive array of handmade Lokta paper – this thick, carefully crafted paper comes in an amazing rainbow of designs and colors. All papers can be used for any type of crafting – whether it be wrapping, framing or scrapbooking.

Prices vary, but range from $2 – $10 per sheet. Please inquire directly.


Put a bow on it! Ribbons of silk, ribbons of grosgrain, some are wired, some are lace – but all are meant to be tied to a gift with grace!

Prices vary, but range from $0.25 – $5.00 per yard (and some are available by the spool).

Ribbons are like fashion – some do go out of style! But I always have a vast variety of staples – white, black, burlap, etc.


Hand-curled, professionally dyed and just plain gorgeous! These peacock feathers will make a statement.

Large Curled Feathers – $2.75 each / Small Curled Feathers – $2.25 each

All curled feathers come available in a variety of colors: royal blue, green, teal, purple, natural, black, pink (nude), white, hot pink, red, and gray.

More feathers…!!

Goose Feathers (4-6″ tall) – $0.40 per feather / $9 per strung (est. 25-30 feathers per strung)

Stripped Coque Feathers (4″ tall) – $0.30 per feather /$7.00 per strung (25 feathers per strung)

Large Peacock Feathers (6-7″ tall) – $2.75 each / Small Peacock Feathers (3-3.5″ tall) – $2.25 each

All hand-dyed feathers come in many shades (pink, gold, natural, green, orange, blue, purple, teal, black and red). Please check up regularly for new additions to my feather collections!


One must keep track of whom will be receiving these fabulous gifts!

Gift Tags – $0.25 to $2.00 per tag

Gift Toppers

A fun creation to add to any gift! Instead of a bow – add one of my handmade gift toppers for a bit of pizzazz. Your lucky recipient can easily remove the topper and use it as a paperweight, or even a decorative element around the house – the uses are endless!

Gift Toppers – $9 each

Accents & Embellishments

To quote a timeless author, Dr. Seuss: “Oh, the thinks you can think!” That is how I feel about all the wonderful accents and embellishments that I use for crafting and wrapping.

Paper Flowers (approx. 1/2″ to 1.5″ each) – $0.50 each

Small Ornaments (approx. 1.5″ each) – $0.35 each

Gold OR Silver Spikes … Large Spikes (1″)  – $0.75 each / Small Spikes (1/4″) – $0.55 each (bulk prices available – please inquire)

Glittered Spikes (colors vary per customer request) … Large Spikes (1″) – $1.00 each / Small Spikes (1/4″) – $0.80 each (bulk prices available – please inquire)

Gold OR Silver Studs … Large Studs (1″) $4.50 bag of 10 / Small Studs (1/2″) – $1.00 bag of 10

Jewels and Stones – $5.00 mixed bag

Buttons and Whatnot – $0.25 per item

My stock of supplies is always revolving and multiplying, but I can accommodate special orders with advanced notice. Bulk order on all items are welcomed – please be sure to allow plenty of time for ordering! All supplies are subject to availability – please inquire for the most up-to-date stock. Colors in photos are not necessarily representative of what is visual in person.


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