…one tequila, two tequila, three tequila…FLOOR…!

Day One of Gift Giving Ideas…

I don’t usually start off the day thinking of tequila (although there has been a time or two that I might have ended the day with tequila!!) – but when I leafed through the pages of Uncommon Goods offerings, these little beauties popped right off the page!


Himalayan Sea Salt Tequila Shooters…oh my! Aren’t they the most fetching shot glasses? And I love that they made me think of all the possibilities of usefulness:

Would they infuse a salt like taste into the tequila?

Could I use them as a bud vase?

Which tequila would be best suited for these type of glasses?

Not only are these a unique and affordable gift, they will spark great conversations at any holiday gathering (and I’m sure the absorption of tequila will help fuel the fire).

So, bottoms up!