…gift wrapping galore – vintage & burlap…

Some of my most favorite gift wrapping inspirations have been when clients have approached me and given me a two or three word summary about their recipient.

One time, one of my favorite clients gave me these words: dinosaurs and penguins. And this was a gift wrapping session for a grown woman (so awesome, right?!?!)…but that’s another wrapping story…!

The following gift was for a bridal shower, and the bride’s style aesthetic was vintage, burlap and lace. Oh, I could do a whole series of gifts with that theme! Instead of heading to my favorite paperie – I instead took a jaunt to the local fabric store. There I found a fantastic bleached burlap, more off-white than the typical beige. Also, this grey tweed just spoke to me from among the bolts of plushness and so I added that to my cart.

The final product was simple – the base was a thick white butcher paper, layered with the grey tweed (frayed at the edges) and then a final layer of the burlap (also frayed). I took a lace ribbon and wrapped the package, knotting it in several areas (to symbolize “tying the knot”), then I added acrylic jewels tied with twine where the knots were.

Lastly, and this has to be done the day of, in lieu of a bow I added creamy white Hydrangeas.

The final effect is simple, lovely – with surprising elements. One of my favorite gift wrapping effects to this day!




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