…for the love of feathers…

Feathers…oh, wonderful fluffiness!

They add so much texture, dimension and distinction to a project. I, myself, love to use feathers when gift wrapping – in place of a bow, to add that element of height.


One of my signature gift wrapping designs, is to build a small base – I use jewels and faceted rocks – and insert feathers into the crevices. What I like about this design, is that once it is removed from the gift it can be used for other purposes! A paperweight, a fascinator – the possibilities, once you let your mind wander, are endless!

But feathers certainly are not limited to gift wrapping. A fellow wedding stylist also used my dyed curled feathers for her bouquets and boutonnières…I love the ethereal look that the curled feathers contributed to the final looks!

These lovely wedding photos are of my good friends Whitney and Travis, many kudos to Chance James Photography for capturing their beautiful nuptials.

With The Great Gatsby carving a niche for 20s Flapper Style weddings and events, feathers are definitely making a comeback in styling and design. I cannot wait to use them more and more in many designs!





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